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makes anything better. me, such a diva at heart.

okay. So, i admit. this time the images above taken shamelessly from all over the internet. But! I manage to edit those image with Photoshop (God bless photoshop!) and yup, the lyrics from Rihanna’s Hipnotized.
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today, so far things going, well, not like i expected. As always. but heh, you know i can’t complain.
so, there you go. spend the night with photoshop and updating blogs. Oh, yes. facebooking too.
beacuse i’m lame like that. ha!

anyhoo.. still can’t find the solution for the wedding problems. And even I have, I doubt the boyfriend will agree. Because he’s all about simple things and as you know, no wedding is simple. so yes, there will be chaos and i bet my ass there also be a frown face and disagree look from him.


not to mention my mom. My mom alone is a big problem on her own. I mean, she’s SUCH a difficult person. Like if people will go, “Why you make it harder, life is already hard”. But not for her, people.
She’s like, “Can we make it even harder. This is too simple, i think there’s something wrong with this”.

so yup. Imagine that. And me, been there for almost half of my life.

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