Day 11: Something you always think “What if..” about.


I have this biggest regret of my life. And everytime i think about it, i’d just want to punch myself.

It’s about me, buying a house. I canceled buying a house just because my boyfriend told me not to buy it. This boyfriend is my husband now. So, yeah.. it’s between i want to punch him or i just gonna punch myself because i actually THAT stupid to do such a STUPID decision. I was so so so so stupid.

And everytime i go by that house, i was like, GOD damn it! I can not believe how stupid i was. I just can’t believe it.

So yeah, it keeps haunting me with this ‘what if i bought that house’. I could go crazy with that thought.. you know.

This house location is so strategic you can’t even imagine. Ibaratnya, lu bersin aja lu bisa tau2 ada di AEON mall.. Gila ya.

Sungguh sungguh keputusan yang bodoh. Ya ampun, metttttt…

Tapi ya udahlah.. lesson learned. In a hard way. But, i kinda think i need that. Kalau ga dijitak, kadang gua memang suka SOK TAU. Tsk —

Itu salah satu penyesalan hidup terbesar sih. Diantara banyak penyesalan lain yang gua alamin, itu yang paling gua susah move on.

Sekarang gua ngobatinnya ya cuman dengan cari cara biar bisa nabung dan beli rumah. Hahahaha.. sungguh optimis sekali ya. Tapi ya udahlah, semoga bodohnya ga terus-terusan.


About metalia

not much. Just a simple girl, like simple things, trying to be brave of life, and embrace life even it's scary as hell.

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